Friday, August 27, 2010

Facebook urged to tell police of child porn groups

Police have urged social networking sites to be more vigilant and alert after cracking an international child pornography ring operating on Facebook. An international investigation carried out by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) was unable to detect the activities of the child pornography ring. An AFP spokesman says Facebook knew of the group's activities on their pages and closed them down, but within hours they were re-forming. He says it should serve as a warning that social networking providers should constantly scan for child exploitation material.The spokesman says any findings should be reported to police. Currently, 11 men have been arrested as part of the AFP investigation, including two from Melbourne and one from Port Kembla in New South Wales. Investigations across four continents are continuing.

Comment: It is no doubt that social networking site such as facebook and msn are indispensable in our daily life nowadays. We can express our feeling, share photos and a lot more in this site. However, everyone should be vigilant too as it may bring harms to us. Some people may abuse this site and this definitely leads many negative impacts across the country as we are interconnected via this interactive tools. Hence, parents should always guide their children in accessing the social networking site.

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